​The ​restored and refined after picture. 

Art restoration allows you to enjoy the pieces you treasure today, while preserving your heritage and heirlooms to pass on to future generations.

  • Acrylic paintings 

  • Pottery 

  • Frames 

  • Signs 

  • Other Antiques 

The unfortunate before picture.

Whether its in two pieces or thirty pieces, it can be reconstructed.

How its done...

  • Ivory 

  • Jade 

  • Spelter

  • Bronze 

  • Plaster 

  • Oil Paintings

25 years of experience dedicated to museum quality restoration. 


Old or new, big or small, we restore and refinish any piece of art. Mediums we work with:

  • Porcelain​

  • Marble

  •  Wood

  • Gesso

  • Ceramic

  • Alabaster 

  • Cloisonné ​


We also sell antiques!