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Services what we do

What can be repaired?

Porcelain, Ivory, Jade, Cloisonné, Wood, Paintings, Bronze, Spelter, Silver, Brass, Bronze, & most other mediums.

Why would I consider having repairs done?

Without carefully examining your piece, hidden damage may go undetected until the actual restoration is being done to piece. No two pieces are identical and the techniques required depend largely on the makeup and design of the article. Each piece has different textures, colors, weight, thickness, etc. As a result, we will always ask that the piece be brought or mailed into the studio for a thorough examination before providing an estimate. You may also email photos of your piece so that we may determine a valid estimate, in this case we do ask all photos be clear and very detailed so that we can determine the damage. Please email us at

How do I receive an estimate?

Never again will the rare family heirloom, such as grandma's tea pot, be thrown away simply because of a chip or missing piece. Repairs are done invisibly to the naked eye and is virtually impossible to tell that there was ever any restoration work done. Insurance and Moving companies can now offer alternatives to their clients by providing them with a means to restore those sentimental broken items during a job. Money may not be the issue when it comes to replacement.

Work & Restoration

Here is an example of before and after porcelain restoration of a Meissen lamp. As you can see there was a large chunk taken out that was filled. Then the piece was resurfaced, color matched and re-gilded.

This is an example of a before and after 19th century Italian Snake Handled Vase that was broken into many pieces and was then restored by bonding, filling, and color-matching all of the original colors.

In this before and after photo we have an antique GE (general electric) sign with horrible rust and pitting. In this situation we sanded out the pitting along with the rust. Then we color matched the paint and re-glazed the piece.

This jade piece was very badly broken into about twelve to thirteen pieces. Here we bonded,filled,and colormatched the broken pieces.